Veri Shades

Are they a curtain or a blind? Veri Shades offer a unique window covering solution that is a stunning blend of curtains and blinds. These shades offer the delicate look of sheer curtains, lending an element of softness to your windows. They are split into thin panels, giving you easy access to your windows and doors as needed. You’ll love having the look of curtains but the convenience of blinds.

These versatile shades can also adjust between allowing a large amount of sunlight to flow through and blocking more of it to give you additional privacy as required. Simply turn the attached adjustment wand in either direction to switch back and forth between the two styles. Or have them motorised.

The individual fabric strips are fade and soil-resistant, so they are designed to keep their gorgeous appearance over time. Whenever they do need cleaning, you can detach each strip individually so that you only have to clean the ones that need it.